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Looking for a nudge in the right direction? This Graphic Design Questionnaire will help us to get going on a accurate quote and a clear brief.  It asks you questions about what you need and helps you think about the things you truly want.

If you don’t know the answer to something, you can leave it blank. This should be a fun and informative experience, so we hope you enjoy it.

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Type of design
Please specify other
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Company Name
Current Website
How would you describe your services and/or products?
In what type of industry is your business?
Who are your main competitors?
How do you currently reach your customers?
Describe your target market (i.e. gender, age, interests, income level, etc.)
Describe your most important customer/user benefits. How will your business/product improve their lives?
What makes your business/product unique?
What are the long term goals of your company?
Corporate Identity / Logo
Do you have a tag line? If so, would you like it stated along side your logo?logo
Where will you logo be used?logo
Generally, what logos/branding do you think will appeal to your customers and why?more details
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What type of logo do you envision?
If you want to include an icon/image/symbol, what do you envision?more details
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Do you have any color preferences, or existing brand colors?logo
Personal likes/dislikeslogo
When people see your logo/brand, what 3 words and/or feelings would you want them to say/have? (i.e. professional, creative, unique, energetic, etc.)logo
If your logo/brand had a personality, what would it be:
Is there anything else you’d like us to know about your logo/brand that hasn’t been touched on yet?more details
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Website design & development
Do you have a domain name?
What are your main goals for your website?Website
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When people visit your website, what 3 words would you want your visitors to say when describing what they see/experience? (i.e. professional, creative, unique, energetic, etc.)Website
What type of experience would you like visitors to have when visiting your website? (i.e. informative, inspiring, exciting, motivating, etc.)Website
If your website had a personality, what would it be?
Please provide 3-5 websites that have design elements and/or functionality that appeal to you. Please include the specific elements you like as well as any elements that you do not like.web
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What pages will your website contain? (check all that apply)
Please list the other pages here:web
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Is all of your website content ready?
What social media channels are you currently active in and plan to include on your site?
Website Functionality
Do you envision selling any products (digital or physical) or services on your website? (a.k.a. ecommerce)
Do you need visitors to be able to schedule appointments with you on your website?
Do you need a portfolio or photo gallery on your website?
Do you envision updating and managing your website or would you prefer that I update it for you?
Is there anything else that’s important to you about how you want your website to look or function that we haven’t already touched on?
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